Field Application Engineering

SYE offers detailed technical and quality technical support in the developement of new products and/or processes, construction, design and optimization of product and manufacturing process.

To supply a cost and technical opimized product means more than the transistion of customer specifications and customer data into manufacturing tools.

SYE starts with the support of the customer in the early development process.

We accompany you from the sketch to the perfective maintenance.

We support:

  • PCB design
  • Materialselection, stackup design, Definition of tolerance models, selection of the most suitable surface for the project etc.
  • Construction of single pcb, array construction (yield optimization) / Process selection
  • loss and loss free Impedance calculation
  • test planning
  • reliability testing

Moreover we offer quality technical support:

  • FMEA Design support
  • First sample reporting (PPAP / VDA 6)
  • IMDS
  • Handling of RohS // REACH // Conflict Minerals (f.E. with BOMcheck)