Rigid-Flex // HDI Rigid Flex

Rigid-flexible printed circuit boards directly combine the advantages of flexible and rigid printed circuit boards. This combination of technologies brings the user a variety of advantages especially in terms of signal transmission, overall size, assembly and stability. SYE offer a wide range of products and Expertise. In response to market requirements, SYE also offers mass production of ist HDI technology in combination with flexible printed circuit boards.

Rigid-flexible printed circuit boards:

  • Printed circuit boards with rigid areas, and flexible areas with reduced numbers of layers
  • Combination of polyimide and FR4, or FR4 and thin laminate
  • Rigid-flexible printed circuit boards, which connect rigid boards without the need for cables or connectors, resulting in better signal Transmission
  • All commonly used surfaces available

HDI rigid-Flex with the following features:

  • Combination of HDI rigid and HDI flex layers
  • Stacked and staggered microvias on all layers
  • Halogen-free base material (medium Tg) and polyimide

Plus 2 HDI:
















8 Layer HDI:

















14 layer HDI: