SYE is building high density interconnect (HDI) printed circuit boards since more than 30 years. With opening DongCheng plant in 2014 we bring HDI in a high automated production line into mass production. Since then HDI printed circuit boards have found their way in nearly every branch – even in automotive products.  SYE can offer the full range of technologies, from 1+2+1 design up to anylayer boards.

SYE support HDI technologies as:

  • Edge plating for shielding and ground connection
  • Copper-filled microvias
  • Stacked and staggered microvias
  • Cavities, countersunk holes or depth milling
  • Copper coin Technology for local heat dissipation
  • Solder resist in black, blue, green, etc.
  • Minimum track width and spacing in mass production around 50μm
  • Low-halogen material in standard and high Tg range
  • Low-DK/Df material for antenna designs
  • All recognised printed circuit board industry surfaces available in house


HDI board with stacked Vias:



Sequential HDI: